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Glitter, Cakes & Competitions

Use of Metallic Colours

Non toxic/Non edible products must not be painted directly onto any item that represents something that could be eaten such as a dummy cake, novelty cake or on a marzipan model.

EDIBLE METALLIC COLOURS will only be accepted if the product used is made available showing the manufacturer’s label stating it is EDIBLE. Non-toxic is NOT acceptable. The product should be placed in an envelope or outer covering next to your exhibit and with your competition entry number clearly displayed.


There are no restrictions on the use of edible gold and silver leaf, when used on competition work. Competitors should declare the use of these materials so that both the judges and the public are made aware of the validity of the gold and silver used.


There are no restrictions on the use of non-toxic/non edible products where the item is for decoration/art only and is not meant to be eaten. For example: - a pastillage model or a decorated plaque.

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