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Useful Tables 

This is page 1 of our 2 pages of useful tables and information. 

The sections can be downloaded, just click the titles.

On this page you will find:

How Much Ribbon?

How Many Slices?

Wedding Cakes and Single Tier, 

plus How Much Do I Need?

On page 2 you will find:

American Cup Conversations,

Yeast Conversations,

Oven Temperatures,

Length and Imperial to Metric. 

Baking Ingredients

Wedding Cake Portions Servings Chart

wedding slices.jpg

Sponge and Chocolate Cake is cut at 2"x1".


Fruit Cake is cut at 1" square.

Estimated number of portions from single tiered cake

single tiered.png
Making the Dough

This gives a rough guide to the length of ribbon required for different size round and square

cakes and cake boards.

Some cakes such as petals and hearts will need slightly more ribbon than a round.


The chart below is an approximate guide to How Much Marzipan, Sugarpaste or Royal Icing you will need to cover cakes of the following sizes.

All shaped tins except square are measured as if round.

how much do i need.png
Cake Frosting
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