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 The Region 8 SE Exhibition Show Cake

Those involved in the Queens cake project within the region wanted another challenge. Whilst seeing the finished cake at the Peek Frean's museum it was decided to make a Show Cake for the 2019 Brighton Exhibition and dedicate it to everything Peek Freans.   We really hope you enjoy these pages. We wanted to do the cake justice so decided to give this page over to the cake and the people who made it. If you have a photo and would like to share it contact Gillian via the contact page.

​Follow the link to see close up photos and read the full story.

cake at exhib.jpg
131018 1st Bton exh show cake kent meeti
need a cup of tea.jpg
keep working.jpg
2nd Show Cake Peek Frean workshop Gatwic
putting together jackie geraldine.jpg
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